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Parents as Partners

Parent Participation

Parents have a very important role to play in the education of their children. Parents’ involvement in the school has a stronger positive influence on school achievement, than social background or occupation.

Parents can help their children by:

●       Discussing the day’s activities

●       Reading together every night

●       Providing a place to do homework

●       Supervising homework

●       Keeping in touch with the class teacher

Parents are welcome at school and encouraged to participate in all activities, including assisting with:

●       class activities

●       excursions

●       enrichment programs

●       Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)

●       Uniform Shop

●       Community Tutoring Program

Parents are asked to make an appointment with their child’s teacher to discuss learning programs, assisting in the classroom and questions that may arise. The making of an appointment helps teachers prepare for the meeting and allows time to be given for a focussed discussion.

Community Tutors

Community tutors are volunteer parents and community members with regular free time available to help students develop their literacy skills. The students in the program have short, regular, one-to-one, intensive tutoring sessions covering activities in reading, spelling and comprehension. Tutors are trained by school staff and use specific programs that have been tailored to meet individual student needs.

Visiting and Volunteering at School

All visitors and volunteers at our school are asked to respect the Code of Conduct. We ask volunteers to:

●       Demonstrate our core values

●       Encourage students at all times

●       Be tolerant of other people

●       Discuss concerns with the class teacher only

●       Refer all issues relating to discipline to the class teacher

●       Refrain from any emotional, physical or verbal abuse (including yelling and swearing) of adults or children, even your own, in school grounds. This is not acceptable.


Visitors, volunteers and community helpers should sign in and collect a visitors’ badge from the front office to identify them as a welcome guest. No person should go directly to a classroom.