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The NSW Department of Education and Communities endorses the wearing of school uniform.

School uniform may be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Students may wear items with or without the school logo. However, other designs, images or logos should not be displayed on any items worn to school. Parents are reminded to clearly write their children's names on all articles of uniform.

You may order using the Uniform Order Form. 

Uniform Order Form (2024)

Standard Uniform


●       White polo shirt (long/short sleeve)

●       Pinafore/skirt/trousers (tartan)

●       Maroon skorts

●       Lightweight dress, summer

●       White socks

●       Grey tights (terms 2 & 3)

●       Black shoes with black laces



●       White polo shirt (long/short sleeve)

●       ‘School Grey’ drill pants or shorts

●       Grey or white socks

●       Black shoes with black laces


Girls and Boys

●       Maroon school hat

●       Maroon tracksuit

●       Maroon vest

●       Maroon fleecy top

●       Maroon polar fleece

●       Maroon spray jacket or parka

●       Maroon scarf, gloves and school beanie (terms 2-3)

Sports Uniform: On designated sports days students wear:

Girls and Boys

  •  White polo shirts
  • Maroon shorts/skorts
  • Maroon tracksuit
  • Black or white joggers with matching laces
  • Maroon hat (plain or with school logo)

Representing the School

Students representing the school wear the correct uniform for the event/team/sport in which they are participating.


School hats must be worn when students are travelling to out of school excursions or sporting events. Our school playground practice, is ‘No school hat, play in the shade'. During terms 1 and 4 school hats must be worn outside. During terms 2 and 3 school hats or school beanies must be worn outside.

Jewellery and Accessories

Hair ties and headbands should be maroon, black, white or school uniform fabric. Jewellery and coloured nail polish are not part of our school uniform. Watches and plain studs or small sleepers are allowed.