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Dear Parents and Carers

We hope you enjoy your Term 2 Maths Game pack with games and resources for you to choose to play each week. Please keep resources in a safe place, preferably in a box of some sort so that these resources can be used again and again.

Some of these games the children will have already played and so they can be the “teacher” and explain the game to you. Some will be new to them.

Start playing the game at the “Fish” level. If this is too hard then go back to the “Penguin” level or if too easy you can move to the next level. (Crocodiles then Foxes etc.) Please remember that the games should be fun and not so challenging for the student that they do not enjoy playing the game.

If possible play a game at least once every day. (Playing time should only be 10-15 minutes.)

Other “hands on” maths games could include jigsaw puzzles; cards games like “Fish” or “Uno”; boards games like “Connect 4” and “Snakes and Ladders” and construction toys like “Lego” and building blocks.

If you have any questions or comments about the games please email me on: jill.hadobas@det.nsw.edu.au

I can reply by email or if you include a phone number I can call you.

Kind regards - Jill Hadobas


1. Salute                            Resources:  10 Frame     

2. Flippin' Cards                                  

3. Addition Snap         

4. Dynamic Dominoes    Resources: Double 9 Dominoes

5. Dotty Dominoes          Resources: Domino Tiles, Double 9 Dominoes, Numeral Cards 1-6,  Numeral Cards 1-10

6. Add Two Dice              Resources: Dot Cards 1-6, Numeral Cards 1-6, Numeral Cards 1-12, Numeral Cards 3-18, Numeral Cards 6-36

7. Dice it up                      Resources: Numeral Cards 1-6Numeral Cards 1-12Numeral Cards 3-18Numeral Cards 6-36

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